I am so excited to have published a book with DBC Inc that is about leadership and life. I absolutely love what I do, but there is a small, small percentage of my work (and life) that is just really hard! And I don’t think I’m alone. So how we can we lead through that 5% in a way that allows us to THRIVE? I am excited and grateful and hopeful for the IMPACT and encouragement it will bring to those who are doing the real work every day! This book is available NOW on Amazon or Barnes & Nobles. For more info about Thrive Through the Five visit jillmsiler.com/book

As educators, we have the most incredible job in the world – to literally change lives through education. As leaders, we have a tremendous opportunity to shape the culture of an organization, to set the vision for where we want to go in our work and to be a model of positive leadership. I am extremely blessed to get to do this work every single day.

I am a proud Gunter Tiger and definitely bleed blue! 💙 But I also wanted a platform to share my thoughts on leadership, share resources to help others in our work and provide an opportunity for us to connect! Thanks for checking out my site as I strive to lead from a deep sense of passion & purpose!