I absolutely love what I do, but there is a small, small percentage of my work (and life) that is just really hard! And I don’t think I’m alone! So how we can we lead through that 5% in a way that allows us to not just survive, but to truly THRIVE? I am excited and hopeful for the IMPACT and encouragement it will bring to those who are doing the real work every day! And a huge thanks to DBC Inc to help bring this message to life. (Thrive Through the Five is available for purchase on Amazon & Barnes & Noble now! 💙)

Thrive Through the Five won 4 awards in the 2021 Eric Hoffer Book Awards, including FINALIST for the Montaigne Medal for the most thought-provoking book and the WINNER of the Best Reference Book.
Thrive Through The Five is ranked #2 in Book Authority’s 100 Best Education Books of All Time!
Thrive Through The Five debuted as a #1 New Release in two categories on Amazon!

“Powerful, generous and personal, this is a practical guide and a workbook that will light the path for anyone who cares enough to make a difference.” – Seth Godin, New York Times bestselling author of Linchpin

Thrive through the Five transforms challenges into positive opportunities and achievement. It’s a must read for school leaders.” – Jon Gordon, New York Times bestselling author of The Energy Bus and The Power of Positive Leadership 

“One word — Inspiring!  What an audaciously and purposely written book.  Anyone hoping to be challenged, thinking pushed, and being reminded of who you indicatively are and can be should read this book.  Having goals and making them a reality while taking care of yourself and the people around you, Dr. Siler shares keys to success.  No matter the profession or goals, Thrive Through the Five helps you understand deeply who you are and who you can be during the hard moments.  Simply amazing.” – LaDonna Monson Gulley, PhD, principal, Mesquite ISD and Raise Your Hand Texas alumna of  Harvard University’s “Art of Leadership Institute”

 “Heavy is the head that wears the crown,” one of my trustees once quoted to me during a crisis when I was a school superintendent.  Little did I know when I entered that role that the joys of leading a school district could be so high in one moment while the lows could be so agonizing in the next.  Leaders are not defined by the good times but by the challenges they help their communities overcome.  In Thrive Through the Five, Dr. Siler uses her own experiences and expertise to provide practical, relevant insights into how all school leaders can thrive in those difficult times.  This should be required reading for anyone who dares to be a great leader.” – Kevin Brown, Ed.D., Executive Director, Texas Association of School Administrators

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