Thrive Through the Five Reaches #1!

WOW – What a huge day! Thrive Through the Five was released yesterday and it has already been named the #1 New Release in TWO categories on Amazon! Thank you SO much for all of your support! 💙 Check it out HERE!

There are SO many people to thank (which is why my Acknowledgements section was 4 pages long in the book 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️) but I did want to give a special shout-out here to just a few…

  • Dave & Shelley Burgess – Words can’t express my thanks! You both have revolutionized the publishing world by giving voice to incredible teachers and leaders who are doing the work every day! And Tara Martin – Thank you for helping bring this book to LIFE! I’m so thankful to have published with the team from #dbcincbooks
  • The Reading List – Lindsey, Sal, Dana, Liz and the entire team that worked on my book… It is such a better book because of all of your editing and design work! #DBCincbooks has chosen the best of the bests for their books and I am grateful!
  • Laci Bracewell – Your cover is STUNNING and tells the story of leadership journey in so many intricate and symbolic ways. (PS – Check out Ruby’s Rubbish to see Laci’s amazing designs on the most comfortable clothes you’ll ever put on).
  • Amelia Buchanan – Your sketchnotes at the end of every chapter paint a beautiful picture of what my words attempted to say. Your drawings are a gift to this book! (see them all here and some of Amelia’s other work here)
  • Rebecca Egger – You were the first person I entrusted with the entire manuscript to do some beta reading for me. Little did I know that your fingerprints would make their way throughout the book. I’m so thankful for your brilliant insights!
  • A HUGE thank-you to every author who answered my calls and emails and to those who continue to provide support and encouragement along this journey: Dr. Sandra Harris (The Trust Factor and others), Dr. Ervin Knezek (Be Bold), Tamara Letter (A Passion for Kindness), Tara Martin (Be Real and others), Melanie Mayer (Miles to Go and others), Thomas C. Murray (Personal and Authentic and others), Evan A. Robb (The 10 Minute Principal and others), Dr. Joe Sanfelippo (Hacking Leadership and others), and Amber Teamann (Lead with Appreciation). 
  • My Thrive Through the Five Launch Team – I just can’t even describe how blessed I am to have had 100+ people cheering me on and encouraging me every step of the way! I appreciate you all more than you know! 💙

I also wanted to share a couple of resources:

  • Book Study Materials – I have a dedicated site for book study materials that includes questions, resources, sketches and tips for every chapter that would be a great start for book studies. If you’re familiar with the DBC Book Studies, there is also one on their site *Please also let me know if you pull a group together – I’d love to pop in via Zoom to say hello!
  • Bulk Orders – If you’re purchasing more than 10 copies, email Wendy at DBC and she’ll hook you up with our lowest bulk order rate.
  • Autographed Stickers – If you have purchased a book and would like an autographed sticker for your book, fill out this form
  • Inspirational Notecards & T-Shirts – Some of my favorite quotes from the book can be found on note cards and t-shirts here
  • Email List – To sign up for my email list, click here

Thank you all for your support and encouragement along this entire journey! My greatest hope is that this book would help you THRIVE through every season – in leadership and in life! 💙