Leadership Lessons from Wordle

I played my 100th Wordle puzzle this morning! As I have strategically laid out my letters and words over the past few months, I continue to think about how Wordle relates to leadership. In true Wordle fashion, here are 6 Leadership Lessons from Wordle... 1-Every day I am convinced at some point in the game that … Continue reading Leadership Lessons from Wordle

Sunday Seven: 7 Things I’m Thinking About

This post was originally written for DBC's #SundaySeven. This is one of my favorite weekly emails and I was honored to be a part of it. You can sign up to catch all of them here. 1. Revelation that I’m Pondering: There is a difference between being open to feedback and seeking feedback. I’ve always … Continue reading Sunday Seven: 7 Things I’m Thinking About

Thrive Through the Five Reaches #1!

WOW - What a huge day! Thrive Through the Five was released yesterday and it has already been named the #1 New Release in TWO categories on Amazon! Thank you SO much for all of your support! 💙 Check it out HERE! There are SO many people to thank (which is why my Acknowledgements section … Continue reading Thrive Through the Five Reaches #1!

Lessons from our Graduates…

At the beginning of this month when our State Governor shared that an outdoor, in-person, socially-distant graduation would be possible, our Leadership Team immediately gathered at our high school stadium. We began to measure the stands and the track to see what appropriate seating would look like; began to think through how we would handle … Continue reading Lessons from our Graduates…