Changing Hearts & Minds

#LeadLAP Twitter Chat ~ 10/24/2020 ~ 9:30-10:15am CST

I am so proud of the work that DBC has been leading around ensuring equity and ending racism in schools. This twitter chat will focus on changing hearts and minds of those around us. Our goal isn’t just to stifle voices of racism – it is to truly change the hearts and minds of others.

9:30 – WELCOME: Please introduce yourself! Tell us where you are from and your role in education. Take a moment to tell us how you are doing. #LeadLAP #GritCrewEDU

9:37 – Topic A: What is one book, article, film or video that has made the biggest impact on your heart and mind on your journey to becoming an anti-racist educator? #LeadLAP #GritCrewEDU

9:45 – Topic B: Who are the voices you listen to the most that help inform/change your heart and mind? #LeadLAP #GritCrewEDU

9:52 – Topic C: Share the most impactful PD that has helped change your heart and mind. If you haven’t experienced that, what would your ideal look like? #LeadLAP #GritCrewEDU

10:00 – Topic D: What is one action you’ve taken with students to help open or change their hearts and minds? #LeadLAP #GritCrewEDU

10:07 – Topic E: When confronted with racist behavior, what are some of your go-to words that help change the hearts and minds of others? #LeadLAP #GritCrewEDU

Some Twitter Chat Tips:

  • Start every answer with TA for Topic A or TC for Topic C
  • Include the hashtag #LeadLAP in every post (props for also including #GritCrewEDU)
  • Use TweetDeck and have a column for #LeadLAP