Chapter 12 – Take the Next Best Step

Sketchnote by Amelia Buchanan

5 Questions to Reflect

  1. What mountain of comfort have you been at too long?
  2. What is holding you back from taking one small, but bold, step forward?
  3. What big hopes and dreams do you need to give voice to?
  4. Who can you share those with that will edify, challenge and inspire you?
  5. How does thought of just taking the next best step help you think about thriving in the 5%?

5 Tips to Thrive

  1. Don’t get lost in mapping a path to where you want to be. Just determine the next best step, no matter how small, and take it. Then do it again (and again) (and again).
  2. Choose one person who you know and trust to share your big dream with. Don’t pull back or second guess or let your fear take away from your dreams.
  3. Not to steal Nike’s thunder, but “just do it.” That conference you’ve been thinking about presenting at; that great idea you’ve been thinking about sharing with your team; that creative thing you’d like to give yourself time and space for… just do it.
  4. Look up. In the midst of all that we “do,” lift your head and see the beauty in what you’ve done and in just “being.”
  5. Sometimes your next step happens in the positioning. Instead of looking at what’s to come, knock it out of the park TODAY. The greatness you pour into the everyday work will position you for tomorrow.

5 Resources to Dig Deeper

  1. ARTICLE: Brianna Wiest – When You Attempt to Force an Outcome, the Universe Will Resist
  2. BLOG: Jack Canfield – The Power of Sharing Your Goals with Others
  3. PODCAST: David Neeleman – Jet Blue Airways / How I Built This
  4. BOOK: Jon Acuff – Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done
  5. BOOK: James Clear – Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones