Chapter 5 – Care For Yourself First

Sketchnote by Amelia Buchanan

5 Questions to Reflect

  1. In the work you do, what are your busy seasons / months / days? What are your less-busy seasons / months / days?
  2. What strategies do you use to “turn it off” at home?
  3. What strategies are most effective to help you keep life in balance?
  4. What do you currently need to say “no” to so that you can put your “yes” on the table for something different?
  5. How does the understanding the importance of self-care help you think about thriving in the 5%?

5 Tips to Thrive

  1. Be intentional about your calendar. Look at all the events you could attend this month, and find a balanced way to show support for your work that allows time for your family.
  2. When you’re facing a really busy week, or couple of weeks, print out your calendar and start a conversation with your family. Share why things are busy and when you’ll be freer. Ask for their input on how to make the busy times better for the family.
  3. Take up the phones (including yours). The next time you have some great family time planned, put everyone’s phone in a box and disconnect with the world and reconnect with one another. Start with an hour or two and build from there.
  4. Set aside time each day to stop. Clear your mind, breathe deep breaths, reflect on who you are and how you want to be. Maybe put a pen in your hand and jot down your thoughts, your current struggles or your aspirations. Open your heart and mind.
  5. Change your automatic “yes” to “that sounds incredible; let me think on that possibility.” And then weigh the impact of the opportunity with the consequence of the other things that you will not be able to do in light of that. Say no with grace when appropriate.

5 Resources to Dig Deeper

  1. BLOG: Tom Knebel – There’s a Nap for That
  2. VIDEO: Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action
  3. BLOG: Jon Gordon – Know Your Why: What is Your Purpose?
  4. BOOK: Joelle Jay – The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership
  5. ARTICLE: Rachel Dresdale – What are ‘Slash’ Careers and Why You Need One