Chapter 8 – Our Actions Matter

Sketchnote by Amelia Buchanan

5 Questions to Reflect

  1. Think back to the last difficult decision you had to make…
    • What was your gut reaction in what you should do to solve it?
    • What action did you ultimately take?
    • What did you learn through that decision & the impact?
  2. How do you gain a better perspective when facing a difficult decision?
  3. When was the last time you knew that the decision you were about to make was going to walk you into a fiery furnace? What made you stand your ground?
  4. What strategies do you use to ensure that you don’t avoid problems?
  5. How does the understanding that our actions matter in decision-making help you think about thriving in the 5%?

5 Tips to Thrive

  1. Avoid the quick decision just for decisions sake. If it is messy, hit pause. Widen your look at the situation. See if there are other facts that can be uncovered. Find the best solution / strategy even if it is not the easiest to implement or live with.
  2. Listen to understand; not to defend. The next time you notice the tension rising, sit back, breathe, ask more questions, and truly try to understand their perspective.
  3. Every day, think about the thing that is causing you the most angst. Prepare for that and do that first. Get yourself in the habit of tackling the hard things first.
  4. When someone is not meeting expectations, consider whether they understand the “how.” If there’s a chance they don’t, start there. Clarify your expectations and offer tangible support to help achieve them.
  5. Recognize the next time you are standing before a fiery furnace. If it is the right thing to do for kids, make the choice to step in.

5 Resources to Dig Deeper

  1. ARTICLE: Elizabeth Grace Saunders – Five Ways to Make Tough Decisions Faster (and not regret them later)
  2. BOOK: Shelley Burgess & Beth Houf – Lead Like a Pirate: Make School AMAZING for Your Students and Staff
  3. BOOK: Jon Gordon – The Power of Positive Leadership
  4. VIDEO: Joe Sanfeliippo – Leadership Challenge – Week 30
  5. VIDEO: Liv Boeree – 3 Lessons on Decision Making From a Poker Champion