Unlikely Places…

Later this week I have the incredible opportunity to speak at the Texas Council of Women School Executives’ (TCWSE) Spring Conference. When I saw the theme of the conference – “Refined by the Fire,” I knew immediately what I wanted to share… the unlikely places from which success is born. 

So often we think of success as a destination; a place to strive towards. But really, success is found in the journey. And that journey doesn’t always look like some pristine “FastPass” to greatness, but rather a rugged journey through places like failure, fear and faith.

I think we struggle with this notion because that isn’t the truth that society declares. We are bombarded with the best 30 seconds of everyone’s lives as we scroll through social media – whether personally or professionally. And when our life doesn’t measure up with the false impression given from the accumulation of our networks, we begin to doubt.

I’m excited to dive in through the next couple of posts to tackle some of these unlikely places from which success is born. My hope is that it will be an encouragement for you to walk your own path and know that success can be found within it!

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