COVID-19 Resources

Planning for Fall 2020 & Beyond…

Gunter ISD Online Platform

We created a forward-facing platform for our K-8 students so they would have one place to go to find their daily work – with one click. K-8 teachers also used SeeSaw (K-2) and Google Classroom (3-8) on the backside and linked specific assignments to the daily slidedeck. Our 9-12 students used Google Classroom as their platform for learning

A huge thanks to lead4ward for their help in creating Google Site templates! Their school@home page has pre-created Google Sites, just like this one and Google Slide templates that are easily adaptable.

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Resources for Transitioning to Remote Learning

Below are a couple of the resources we used to prepare for our transition to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Monday’s Mission: Contact Every Kid (pdf) (word)
    • We knew we had to collect critical information about technology needs (devices and internet) AND we wanted to let our students know that they were cared for and MISSED! We contacted over 90% of our students and their families personally on this first day.
  • Tuesday’s Task: Tune Up Your Tech (pdf) (word)
    • Transitioning to online learning requires a LOT of learning and we wanted to be thoughtful about what that transition would look like. This activity allowed our teachers to start with the end in mind and gain some tech tools along the way.
    • This activity was a GAMECHANGER for us – Please look at the links/activities 💙
  • Wednesday’s Workshop: Work on Week 1 (pdf) (word)
    • From the data we collected Monday, we realized we had to start low-tech and transition slowly to high-tech. This project was to collect materials and design learning activities for week 1. I created this video using ActivePresenter to walk through where we had been and where we were going.
  • Thursday’s Thoughtfulness (pdf) (word)
    • The activity from Wednesday needed two days to complete, but we wanted to check in on our staff socially & emotionally. This was a quick check-in to ground folks in the big picture of what we were in the midst of.
  • Materials Pick-Up (pdf) (word)
    • Thinking about how to bring in 1,000 students/parents with minimal contact was a challenge. Our Leadership Team decided to go Chick-Fil-A style with curbside pick-up of all materials and devices.
  • Friday – Family Day (pdf) (word)
    • The bulk of the work is done. Now is the time to rest. Teachers and staff are taking shifts to help with curbside delivery of supplies and technology and their other main job is to get mentally prepared for the week to come!
    • PLUS – a great piece from Ken Buck, South Carolina Board of Trustee about how educators have “Apollo 13’d” this crisis – you don’t want to miss it!
  • The Night Before the First Day of Remote Learning (pdf) (word)
    • This letter was sent out to all of our moms & dads (and maybe shared with grandma & grandpa too). It contains some helpful tips for preparing their household for at-home learning.
    • We did a staff contest for a hashtag to describe this new phase of school and then did a Flash Poll on social media to choose the winner. #TigerHomeTakeover rose to the top and we’ll be posting “first day” of school pics with that hashtag on Monday!

Professional Development

We looked to layer professional development at every opportunity. Instead of looking at PD sessions or classes, we looked at what is a single skill that we can teach and build on. And every day we taught a skill. Here were a few we felt were essential.

Other Resources